March 13, 2014

Parrot Tips For Addressing Police to Solve The Murder Case

Parrot Tips- A pet parrot in India has been credited with helping get the man who killed its holder, a relative said Thursday.

Parrot | Parrot Tips
Parrot | Parrot Tips
The holder, a 55-year-old lady, was cut to death and her jewellery stolen at her home in the northern city of Agra on February 20.

The lady's relatives developed suspicious when her confined feathered creature got upset at whatever point her nephew, Ashutosh Goswami, was in the home or his name was said.

The family began getting out distinctive names to the parrot or Parrot Tips, who stayed quiet until the nephew's name was utilized, said the lady's brother by marriage Ajay Sharma.

"At whatever point the name of Ashutosh was taken, the parrot yelled and carried on unusually gave sufficient sign of (him) being included," Sharma said.

"This data was gone to police," Sharma told AFP.

The nephew, 35, who additionally had a chomp stamp on his hand from the lady's puppy, was captured and accused on Tuesday along of an accessory after the homicide weapon and the jewellery were recuperated, a nearby cop said.

Shalabh Mathur, senior superintendent of Agra police, recognized the fowl called "Heera" - which implies precious stone in Hindi - demonstrated helpful.

"We got a considerable measure of assistance from the Parrot Tips to focus in on the killer," Mathur was cited as saying by the Press Trust of India news office.


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